Microsoft Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S Pricing and Availability Revealed

Thursday, 10 Sep, 2020

In a follow-up post, Microsoft shared a video detailing some of what we can expect from the Xbox Series S. It is 60 percent smaller than the Xbox Series X. Much like the One S, this console will be all-digital, meaning it is best suited for those who are comfortable abandoning physical games.

The smaller, cheaper console will come alongside the flagship Xbox Series X, the company said.

The new consoles will launch on November 10, according to the report, with the Series X going for $499 and the Series S coming in at the previously leaked $299.

Update: Xbox have confirmed the $299 price of the Xbox Series S along with the final design. The console, which will play next-gen games, but which is not as powerful as the Series X, had been rumored to be in development for years.

Here are the 12 countries that will have Xbox All Access programs for the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X in 2020. It's also an all-digital experience, supports 1440p games at up to 120fps, and includes a 512GB SSD as well as supporting 4K media streaming and 4K game upscaling.

It's impossible to say without actually being able to test both consoles, but based on the Series S' newly revealed specs alone there are some big and not-so-big differences. The Series S will also be available for preorder on September 22.

Xbox Series X and Series S to release Nov. 10
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Game Pass Ultimate costs $14.99/month / £10.99/month - giving you unlimited access to over 100 games for console, PC and Android mobile devices.

Is Xbox Series S smaller than Xbox Series X?

The Xbox Series S will cost only $299 (approx Rs 21,987). As suspected, the XSX arrives right alongside its sibling on November 10, and at the expected $499 (£449/€499) price point. The Series S will reportedly cost $25 a month in the USA under the Xbox All Access scheme.

Here in Australia the Xbox Series X price will be $749.

When can I get my hands on it?

In addition, the company also revealed the price. We expect the Series S to launch in India in late December or early January 2021.