Dutch prime minister urges Britain to respect the withdrawal agreement

Friday, 11 Sep, 2020

The UK Government made clear that the legislative timetable for the Bill would continue as planned.

This is over the implementation of the Northern Ireland-Ireland protocol in the Brexit deal.

David Frost, the U.K.'s chief Brexit negotiator, said Johnson's government still wanted a deal and will work to get one by mid-October, but he was downbeat on progress this week.

French government spokesman Gabriel Attal said that "we are ready to negotiate in good faith, but to do that, we need to be two and so we are waiting for an interlocutor of good faith".

European diplomats said Britain was playing a game of Brexit "chicken", threatening to wreck the process and challenging Brussels to change course.

Tom Newton Dunn tweets to say senior Tories are seeking to give parliament power to veto the government's plans.

"In fact", the statement said, Brussels "is of the view that it does the opposite".

"A country either abides by the rule of law or it does not". The UK government said it welcomed such a meeting. "If it's short on the necessary clarifications, the dispute settling mechanism under the withdrawal agreement is there", an European Union diplomat told the Reuters news agency.

Le Drian made the comments during a routine visit to London on Thursday, according to a statement from the French Foreign Ministry.

The intervention shows the risk of the dispute over Brexit bleeding into other areas of United Kingdom diplomacy. If passed, the new bill would enable ministers to implement their own rules on export declarations and other procedures for products moving from NI to GB, in effect deciding that worldwide law need not apply.

He continued: "So therefore I hope that across the House of Commons there'll be a recognition that we have an obligation to the people of Northern Ireland in order to make sure that they can continue to have unfettered access".

The Scottish government, meanwhile, has said it will not consent to a change in the law along these lines, arguing that it would undermines devolution.

"An indication that you're going to break worldwide law, albeit in only a small way, it seems to me, again, is something that may well undermine trust in the government and certainly may undermine trust in the system of the administration of justice", he said.

An Irish government spokesman said later that Martin had spoken to Johnson "in forthright terms" about "the breach of an worldwide treaty, the absence of bilateral engagement and the serious implications for Northern Ireland".

He said that the mechanism is there to enable good conduct of business between Ireland and Great Britain.

Warnings redoubled too within the ranks of the ruling Conservative party as former prime minister John Major, who helped lay the foundations for Northern Irish peace in the 1990s, said his successor Boris Johnson risked trashing the UK's global reputation. It either honours worldwide treaties and obligations or it does not. Howard told the House of Lords.

Whitehall has said worldwide law would be broken "in a very specific and limited way", but the European Union has made its anger plain. "It will be for parliament to determine whether or not at the end of the day it decides to pass this legislation", Keen said.

The move has provoked a sharp political response from senior US lawmakers, mainly Democrats, who are largely fretful that the move might undermine peace on the island of Ireland.

Michel Barnier departs Europe House in London on September 10. "Any negotiation process can only proceed on the basis of trust", he warned.

"I'm not optimistic at this stage", Irish Prime Minister Micheal Martin told national broadcaster RTE when asked how confident he was in a trade deal being reached.