Motorola announces Razr 5G foldable phone with 2.7-inch external display

Saturday, 12 Sep, 2020

Seven months after launching its first modern reboot of the early-2000s classic, Motorola on Wednesday announced its second-generation foldable Razr and said the first had greater impact on improving its brand rather than sales.

The new phone has software updates, more powerful specs and a more refined designed than the 2019 Razr. It now comes with a matte finish glass back with Gorilla Glass protection. Previously, we have claimed about the expectation of Motorola Razr 5G, the foldable handset, and now Motorola has taken the wraps off its new device and a bunch of specifications is also confirmed by the company.

It's also slightly lighter than it's predecessor, weighing in at 192 grams.

There is no word on availability of this foldable Razr worldwide.

For the specified amount, the buyer will receive a device equipped with a 6.5-inch HD + display with a resolution of 1600 × 720 pixels.

The phone is getting better-advanced buzz than its predecessor did. Engadget describes the new RAZR as "better than the original in nearly every way".

That's around 100 flips a day for the next five years. Motorola Razr 5G is powered by an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G processor.

Previously, the screen could only show notifications.

Motorola think that this should give people solid all day battery life.

The new main camera with 48MP is said to be a significant advancement on the 16MP one from previous year. The latter is home to a 16-megapixel selfie camera, which should provide more than acceptable results in good lighting conditions.

A reboot that was supposed to be an iconic comeback, with cutting edge technology and the nostalgic "Razr" name, Motorola's previous launch fell short and was met with a lot of public dissatisfaction and criticism. Plus, the company has added one more color option to the mix this time around, offering the RAZR 5G in a trio of colors - Blush Gold, Liquid Mercury and Polished Graphite.

You can register to buy the phone now. Other physical things you should consider about the new device is that it is marginally thicker when unfolded 8mm vs 6.9mm but smaller in other dimensions.

Facebook wants to pay users to deactivate their accounts for one to six weeks as part of a social experiment. This new model comes with some improvements in a number of areas. Let us know in the comments...