Former UK PM Cameron says he has misgivings about Brexit move

Tuesday, 15 Sep, 2020

Michael Gove, a senior member of Johnson's Cabinet, told Sky News on Saturday that the government needs to take out an "insurance policy".

Former British leaders have joined those slamming PM Johnson's government for trying to rewrite the Brexit withdrawal treaty.

Boris Johnson's former Attorney General, Geoffrey Cox, will reportedly vote to block the PM's Brexit bill in protest at the government's apparent plan to break worldwide law. "But it's not easy to negotiate our future relations under these threatening circumstances".

They added, "The government seeks to do so by the extraordinary pretence that breaking worldwide law is necessary to 'save the Good Friday agreement.'" The 1998 agreement helped to end the conflict in Northern Ireland.

The Northern Ireland protocol, which was included in the initial Brexit Withdrawal Agreement, gave goods from Northern Ireland access to the EU's single market, given that customs checks would not have been conducted on the border with the Republic of Ireland.

Leaders of the bloc vowed to stand together as time runs short to find a smooth economic transition before Britain leaves the EU's economic structures on December 31.

"The British Government is clearly acting in bad faith and the global community can see that and have made it clear with both the European Commission and leading USA political figures calling it out".

At a meeting of eurozone finance ministers in Berlin, all other comments made backed Le Maire's stance.

He said it's critical a deal is reached to avoid "very significant and negative consequences for the Irish economy and British economy".

The Internal Market Bill, which will be formally debated in the House of Commons for the first time on Monday, addresses the Northern Ireland Protocol - the part of the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement created to prevent a hard border returning to the island of Ireland, the BBC reported.

Talks between London and Brussels on a future trading relationship are deadlocked as both sides struggle to prise apart almost 50 years of economic integration, after British voters opted for a divorce.

"We're being advised that the European Union won't merely impose tariffs on products moving from Great Britain to Northern Ireland, but they may halt the transportation of food items from GB to NI".

The Northern Ireland parties that sit in the House of Commons are set to table ammendments to the Government's new Brexit bill.

Crime and policing minister Kit Malthouse said he would not resign if the government knowingly broke the law, and that he would be voting for the bill.

But Mr Blair and Sir John, two of the architects of the landmark peace accord, said the "Government's action does not protect the Good Friday agreement - it imperils it".

But the admission that new legislation will break worldwide law has caused alarm across the political spectrum, even in Britain.

The debate concerning this bill will begin on Monday in the House of Commons. Heading into the weekend, Johnson was due to speak to Conservative lawmakers in an attempt to forestall a potential rebellion.

EU Chief negotiator Michel Barnier leaves after a meeting at Westminster Conference Centre in London.

He said it's a good thing that talks are continuing as the most important thing for Irish farmers and exporters is that a free trade agreement is secured and tariffs and quotas are avoided from the start of next year.

The legislation, which sets out how trade between different nations of the United Kingdom will operate after the United Kingdom leaves the single market on 1 January, is likely to face more difficulties in its later stages, especially in the House of Lords.