Biden, Trump squabble over coronavirus response in dueling town halls

Saturday, 17 Oct, 2020

"I know nothing about QAnon", Trump said.

The event was preceded by a heated media fuss with over a hundred Hollywood and TV community celebrities urging NBC to reschedule, postpone, or even cancel its town hall with President Trump which was timetabled to overlap Biden's ABC appearance.

I do know that they are very much against pedophilia", he said, before pivoting: "I'll tell you what I do know about: "I know about antifa and I know about the radical left".

Democratic presidential candidates Sen.

"President Trump has condemned, Savannah, white supremacy over and over and over and over again", Hannity emphasized.

Under the intense questioning today, Trump told Guthrie "we should be on the same side". At the same time, they continue to waste the president's time asking him if he's denounced white supremacy, something he has done several times in the past.

"How long will NBC go before giving an actual voter the chance to ask a question?" asked pollster Frank Luntz, who later called the "town hall" descriptor of the program "false advertising".

This evening's two staged events will not replicate what would have been the second encounter between the two candidates after their raucous debate in late September that some analysts contended was the worst in US political history. The rivals spoke in simultaneous town halls broadcast on separate television networks after a debate originally scheduled for Thursday was called off following Trump's COVID-19 election.

"Trump denied it, he said it wasn't", Biden said.

Mr Trump was asked by NBC moderator Samantha Guthrie about his decision not to wear a mask at many events at the start of his town hall in Miami. I thought this was a town hall.

Notably, Biden made his most extensive comments to date on the question of court packing - the idea promoted by some Democrats to add justices to the Supreme Court should the Senate confirm Trump nominee Amy Coney Barrett to the court this fall.

Biden said he had warned early in 2020 that "this is a serious problem".

Some 18.3 million Americans have voted either in person or by mail so far, representing 12.9% of the total votes counted in the 2016 general election, according to the US Elections Project at the University of Florida.

"I know nothing about it".

The debate's rules required that each candidate, using the honour system, had tested negative prior to the Cleveland event.

Biden was promising to roll back tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans claiming it would save, "let me see.$92 billion", he said.

He had promised one of the questioners, a young Black man, that he would talk to him afterward more about his plans for the community, as the participant had expressed that he might not vote. "Can you just once and for all just state that that is completely not true?" He has also made some preemptive strikes criticizing NBC News' Kristen Welker, who is scheduled to moderate the second and last debate between Biden and Trump next week.