Two armed men arrested near Philadelphia voting centre

Sunday, 08 Nov, 2020

Philadelphia police said they found the men on Thursday night after receiving a tip that people with firearms were heading to the Pennsylvania Convention Center in a silver Hummer truck.

Police reportedly received a tip about a group driving from Virginia to Philadelphia to attack the convention center as ballots from around the Philadelphia area are still being tabulated.

Police have seized a weapon from the vehicle, in which the accused was traveling.

This is a developing story.

Officials said that neither of the two men had a valid permit to carry a gun before they were arrested, reported USA Today.

Around 10:20, police noticed a silver with Virginia tags covered in stickers supporting the QAnon conspiracy theory, Ms. Outlaw said.

Mr. Marcias is co-founder of a veterans group that supports President Trump and Mr. LaMotta is a member, according to Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner.

The two have been charged with carrying a concealed firearm and carrying a firearm on public streets or property, which are a felony and a misdemeanour respectively.

In 2019, the Federal Bureau of Investigation labeled the QAnon movement as "conspiracy theory-driven domestic extremists", warning they pose a domestic terrorism threat.

During Krasner's news conference at the Convention Center, two bomb threats were called into the Fashion District mall, which partially borders the Convention Center.

Currently, Trump is leading the state by a thin margin with over 90 per cent votes tabulated.

The Trump campaign has filed at least five lawsuits in Pennsylvania as of Thursday in connection with disputed ballots and deadlines, Fox News reported.

In Arizona, another closely contested state, a growing crowd of several hundred Trump supporters returned to the counting center in Phoenix from surrounding Maricopa County where some 142,000 ballots from early voting remained to be counted as of Friday morning.

Meanwhile, election workers continued to count votes inside of the convention center, CBS News reported.

He did not say why the men went to Philadelphia, though in a statement Mr Krasner's office said the tip-off that led police to them mentioned their trip may have had to do with the ongoing counting of votes.