US Election: Biden edges closer to victory, leading over Trump in Pennsylvania

Sunday, 08 Nov, 2020

Pennsylvania's 20 electoral college votes are a must-have for Trump to stay in the race.

Several thousand ballots remain outstanding, and there are also up to 9,000 military and overseas statewide ballots that would have to arrive by Friday to be counted, as well as an unknown number of provisional ballots.

On Wednesday, Trump supporters were seen chanting both "count those votes" and "stop the count" outside ballot-counting sites in two different states.

"This election is not over", says campaign lawer Matt Morgan.

"This election is not over", he said. A victory in Pennsylvania means it is game over for Trump, who ran a wild campaign in 2016 and has transformed the White House in the strangest of ways in the last four years.

The Republicans stated yesterday they were taking court action against three states over election numbers from Tuesday.

Early Friday, Biden took a 5,500-vote lead in the Keystone State, after trailing President Trump there for days. Both margins were expected to grow as additional ballots were tallied. Republican presidential candidates have carried Georgia in every election since 1992, when Democrat Bill Clinton was victorious there.

The statement goes on to claim "irregularities in Pennsylvania", where Biden inched ahead by the slightest of margins on Friday.

Pennsylvania, one of three traditionally Democratic states along with MI and Wisconsin that handed Trump his 2016 victory, had always been seen as crucial to the 2020 race, and both candidates lavished enormous sums of money and time on the state.

The Trump campaign emphasized that the results in Georgia and Pennsylvania continue to be counted and again alleged voter fraud, without providing evidence.

The results as of Election Night had largely favored Trump - showing him leading in Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and MI.

Trump is favoured to win the southeastern state, but mail-in ballots sent on or before election day in North Carolina can be counted until November 12.

Decision Desk HQ, a respected election forecast service, called Pennsylvania for Biden at 8:50 a.m. Trump falsely claimed victory in the election multiple times this week and baselessly suggested that the contest was being stolen from him.

Biden enjoys an overwhelming lead in Philadelphia, with 553,953 votes to Trump's 125,513.