Watch the Apple One More Thing November 10 special event livestream here

Tuesday, 10 Nov, 2020

Apple will use its November 10 hardware event to showcase its new laptops. The only question is this: can Apple sustain that, if it can't pull out a new product with mainstream appeal? Curiously, the company is holding another big event tomorrow, where some more new hardware is expected to be unveiled.

What to expect from the Apple One More Thing event? Or head to, where you can add One More Thing to your calender, and rewatch previous events to fill the time between now and November 10. "Today we're announcing our transition to Apple silicon, making this a historic day for the Mac", said Tim Cook, Apple's CEO at WWDC back in June. At the time of writing over 200 people are now watching the waiting screen, which is.interesting.

Improved battery life could be another selling objective of the new machines, albeit fundamental benchmarks on Apple's ARM-based designer progress pack recommend the presentation could likewise be on par, if worse than on the Intel-based models. The Apple-focussed news site discovered some A14X Bionic Geekbench 5 single and multi-core runs and compares them to the results you can get using other Macs and iDevices. While iMacs and other models have been suggested, we seem to be looking specifically at two new 13-inch laptops at this week's event, namely a new MacBook Pro and MacBook Air.

Apple ‘One More Thing’ event November 10: How to watch and what to expect

"One more thing" (and I'm still not sure what that one more thig will be...?) takes place Tuesday, November 10, 2020. You should certainly expect to hear about the first Apple Silicon Mac, which is a momentous, er, moment. But the primary takeaways will be Macs with greater performance, improved efficiency, better battery life, and closer ties to the iPhone and iPad.

"Both Bloomberg and Ming-Chi Kuo agree that the 13" models are certain to be on stage, Bloomberg also marks a 16" MacBook Pro as a possibility (supported by the images found in a macOS beta). The new MacBooks will be powered by Apple's own A-series ARM-based processors, just how the iPhones and iPads are at the moment. As a result, by the end of the year, Apple contractors will have to release another 20 million iPhone 11, iPhone SE, and iPhone XR so that store shelves are not empty for the New Year season. Apple will also announce the final release date for macOS Big Sur, which is now in public beta.

Update: Apple has confirmed that Macs with ‌Apple Silicon‌ can still run Intel apps, even if the developers do not specifically update them for ‌Apple Silicon‌, thanks to Rosetta 2, which is a translation process that runs in the background and is invisible to the user. Apple hopes its knowledge of high-performance, energy-efficient chipsets will help us gain an edge in the future. Given the 13-inch MacBook Air and MacBook Pro are the tech giant's most popular laptops, it makes sense for it to release ARM-based versions of these computers first. Apple TV users can also stream the event on their devices. However, it might work differently on the AirPods Studio. The event also comes just a week after the contentious 2020 USA presidential election, and only a few days after the race was called. That said, updated regular AirPods would act as the flawless stock-filling these holidays, especially as the iPhone 12 does not come with earphones in the box.