WWE issues statement on the passing of Alex Trebek

Tuesday, 10 Nov, 2020

"Jeopardy!" announced on its offical Twitter and facebook page saying Trebek "passed away peacfully at home early this morning, surronded by family and friends". His last day taping in the studio was October 29.

As many of you might know by now, TV icon and game show host Alex Trebek has passed away after a courageous battle with pancreatic cancer.

Alex was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in March 2019, and he continued to host Jeopardy! for the next 18 months.

Upon news of Trebek's death, Thakur, who won his game, shared a poem and wrote, "I am overwhelmed with emotion right now and my heart goes out to the Trebek family".

Unless Trebek recorded something in advance just in case, there's a chance we won't get one final goodbye from the Jeopardy! host.

The reaction to Mr. Trebek's passing has understandably seen people far and wide mourning his legendary career in television. The Canadian-bred TV legend emceed more than 8,200 episodes over almost 37 seasons and set a Guinness record along the way.

Brad Rutter, another popular Jeopardy! champion, said he was "just gutted" by the sad news. "Jeopardy!" episodes hosted by Trebek are set to air through December 25.

"He really does feel to me, and I think a lot of contestants, like a friend", said Dinu Nesan.

Trebek began hosting the show in 1984 and was an iconic figure throughout his tenure.

"Ryan Reynolds has led tributes to" gracious and humorous" Alex Trebek. Thank you, Alex, for your legacy. It was Jennings in the end, and the record-holder for winning the most consecutive games was tapped as a consulting producer on the show in September, leading many to believe that he was being groomed to take over for the ailing Trebek. He had three children.