NYC releases map of positive COVID cases by ZIP code

Monday, 16 Nov, 2020

Over the past seven days, more than 2% of all COVID-19 tests administered have returned a positive result, an uptick from the summer months when New York's positivity rate dipped below 1%.

The EuropeActive SafeACTiVE study found 487 positive COVID-19 cases out of 62 million health club visits, meaning the infection rate for European health club visitors was 0.78 per 100,000 visits.

De Blasio has seen his approval ratings plummet this year in New York City, as well as his ratings on his handling of the coronavirus pandemic. "We want to make sure that we can align policies as much as possible, or at least be aware of what the other states' policies are". The high school caters to students who haven't done well elsewhere, giving them a chance to graduate and succeed.

We know that gatherings and parties in closed rooms are a major source of COVID's distribution. Delivery and curbside pickup (without alcohol) can continue after 10 PM - the order only imposes that curfew on in-person service.

'It's so upsetting, ' the Brooklyn attorney said.

As a result, almost 1,100 classrooms (pictured October 15) have gone through temporary closures.

Until now, the city has relied on targeted closures, rather than citywide shutdowns, to keep schools from fueling the pandemic. "And every additional day school is open is a blessing".

As a result, almost 1,100 classrooms have gone through temporary closures. You only take down the mask to eat or drink, but what happens is that setting is very hard to police, it's very hard for people to maintain the discipline of sitting there eating and drinking and chatting and having a good time and laughing and keeping a mask on. Businesses can reopen each morning.

This would also normally be the time bars and restaurants gear up for the holiday season because it's a lucrative time, so these restrictions come at a bad time for them.

In mid-September, President Trump expressed concerns over the criminality in NYC, apparently sarcastically, in response to a tweet by Mayor de Blasio inviting the New Yorker to "enjoy a attractive day".

Active cases are up to 968, including more than 50 people in the hospital.

De Blasio said it was "crucial" to adhere to the standard he set over the summer.

He said if the infection rate rises over the weekend then parents might be alerted that school could close as early as Monday. We will bring legal action to protect New Yorkers, " the governor said according to the New York Post.