Trump Supporters Descend on D.C. For Events Contesting Election Results

Monday, 16 Nov, 2020

Progressives had expressed concerns that Biden would pick one of his other former chiefs of staff: Steve Richetti, who faces skepticism for his work as a lobbyist, or Bruce Reed, who is seen as too much of a moderate to embrace reforms pushed by the party's base.

In a letter, the group including ex-Pentagon chief Chuck Hagel and Trump's former National Security Counsel senior counterterrorism director Javed Ali urged General Services Administration chief Emily Murphy to recognize Biden as the apparent president-elect.

"And I think that's what Mitch McConnell is going to find out now, whether he's in the majority or the minority, not having Donald Trump in the White House is going to change his leverage and that dynamic".

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"Serving as an advisor on several Presidential campaigns, Klain has worked for Presidents Obama and Clinton, and Democratic Presidential nominees Al Gore, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden".

Trump's projected win in North Carolina added 15 electoral college votes, retaining the state he won in 2016. As such, Biden has no power in the government, and he would not until he is inaugurated at noon on January 20, 2021.

President Donald Trump lost the November 3 election according to all major USA media projections, but he so far has refused to concede, and is mounting an extensive legal fight aimed at overturning the result. That is so very important.

On Friday, Trade Adviser Peter Navarro said that the White House was planning for Trump to serve a second term. "I guess time will tell", he said. County officials have declined to comment on the lawsuit and hadn't yet responded in court to the lawsuit.

McConnell and Pelosi have been at odds in the last four years, most recently during a months-long, partisan stalemate over the contents of the next coronavirus stimulus package.

"Congress must now do a Covid Relief Bill". But he said Biden's briefings have "stopped" since the election. "We just want to get access to intelligence information, to threat assessments, to the ongoing work on COVID so that we can prepare to govern, bring the American people together and get the pandemic under control".

The President is yet to concede the election, despite numerous news networks declaring Mr Biden the victor, and several Republican candidates have followed his lead in refusing to concede.

In his first interview since his appointment, Klain told MSNBC anchor Lawrence O'Donnell that Biden had been speaking to "some" GOP senators and governors.

Trump said there were electoral fraud in favor of Democrats.