First M1 Apple Silicon Mac Arrives at Customer

Tuesday, 17 Nov, 2020

On the other hand, Intel-powered MacBook Pro 13-inch is still available on the Apple Store, but according to the reports, one might need to dish out a lot more than for the M1-powered selections. Now, as far as the Intel i7 chips are concerned, it comes with a GHz frequency of 0.35, where its turbo power of 1.20 GHz also falls short in front of the M1 Chips.

Popular photo and video editing app Darkroom is now a universal app that runs on Apple Silicon. For instance, the Dock has got new icons for apps - they are more squarish as Apple has dropped the more rounded look.

Apple's new macOS Big Sur operating system is now available to download as a free software patch for compatible devices. It looks like we are going to get a fix within the close to future however for now, it's suggested that you just maintain off upgrading to macOS Big Sur till an official fix turns into accessible.

Still, the new Macs scored higher than a $2,999 16-inch MacBook Pro fitted with Intel's i9-9980HK chip, which scored a 6,869 on multi-core performance.

The two other products, the MacBook Pro and Mac mini, had similar scores on single-core performance at 1,717 and 1,682, respectively. Anyway, there is little left for the M1 to be put to more accurate tests, since the first Macs with Apple Silicon start to reach consumers this week. And much longer battery life-up to 20 hours. We of course have our own hands-on overview of both of the new phones, and we'll have more coverage next week once we've some more time to spend with them.

In addition, Apple promised "strong protections against server failure" to prevent a repetition of the problems with launching third-party software that frustrated Mac users last week. Additionally, the Apple Maps feature has been more enhanced for route planning, locating shops, and an improved 3D view for street exploration. Several users have reported that the new OS bricked their computers, and it seems like it's a widespread issue.

Apple also released the first betas of watchOS 7.2 and tvOS 14.3.

Apple Maps on Mac has been entirely redesigned, bringing new features which allow you to discover new places.

A Geekbench performance of the 13-inch MacBook Pro has also been released.