Ontario hits record high 3328 new COVID-19 cases

Суббота, 02 Янв, 2021

"We know that people are eager to get vaccinated and this framework helps ensure that we do it in an ethical, effective and compassionate way". "If we did we would do it more quickly".

Hillier said the province could receive five million doses per month and vaccinate 150,000 people per day. "It was a mistake and I apologize", Phillips said. Changes to the rules on where the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine can be given and booking appointments on New Year's Day should also speed things up, he said.

"Seeing people come in, day after day, being really sick because of COVID-19 and then seeing in the news how some people take it lightly is, those are two things that whey heavily on my mind but the fact that we're vaccinated now, gives me new hope for the future".

The government said Tuesday that 16,900 doses of the Moderna vaccine had arrived in the province.

Health Minister Christine Elliott said there are 888 new cases in Toronto, 431 in Peel Region, and 418 in York Region.

The first doses of the Oxford-AstraZeneca shot will be given next Monday as the number of cases continue to rise in that country.

Hillier said he has also asked Health Canada to look into the possibility of administering only a single dose of the Moderna shot, rather than two, saying it would allow vaccinations to proceed much faster. "We want to be efficient and we want to be fair". This is a peak not seen since last May.

"It's really important that we appreciate this pandemic has not been equal in how it has hit communities", she said.

The Ontario government announced their ethical framework for COVID-19 vaccine distribution on Wednesday.

While we continue to prepare the way for widespread and lasting control of COVID-19 through safe and effective vaccines, Canadians are urged to continue with individual practices that keep us and our families safer: stay home/self-isolate if you have any symptoms, follow local public health advice and maintain individual protective practices of physical distancing, hand, cough and surface hygiene and wearing a face mask as appropriate (including when you cannot consistently keep two metres apart from people outside your immediate household).

The N.W.T. aims to have vaccinations rolled out across the territory by March 2021.

Consultations with chiefs and community leaders have already begun, and Hillier expects that process to begin in early January.

The total number of immunizations delivered so far stands at 17,510.

The number of coronavirus cases in Ontario continues to climb, reaching a new record over the past two days of almost 4,500.

According to the latest provincial data, there have been 182,159 total cases in Ontario and 4,530 deaths.

The province recorded 3,328 cases on Thursday.

Public Health officials in New Brunswick are reporting one new case of COVID-19 today.

All three cases are in the Halifax area, with one a close contact of a previously reported case and the two others related to travel outside of Atlantic Canada.

- With files from Paola Loriggio in Toronto, Emma Tranter in Iqaluit, Nunavut, Stephanie Taylor in Regina, and Terri Theodore in Vancouver.