Studies to see if Moderna vaccine doses can be halved

Thursday, 07 Jan, 2021

Pfizer and partner BioNTech SE as well as Moderna Inc recently won US emergency use authorization for their vaccine candidates.

The vaccines also started arriving over the holidays, as health departments and hospitals were facing huge numbers of Covid-19 cases and hospitalizations.

Now, Messonnier said, providers know what they're dealing with, and the efficiency with which the shots are administered should improve. "We will communicate the outcome", the EMA said on Twitter earlier today.

While the supply of vaccine is still limited, additional allocations of vaccine will be received each week. Local jurisdictions are adapting the recommendations to their own plans.

"There are too few places where people can get vaccinated and too few people giving the vaccinations", Bhadelia said. Message boards on the so-called dark web have added COVID-19 vaccines to more traditional illicit goods for sale. Posts showed stock photos of vaccines and offered vials for $500 and $1,000, or the equivalent in Bitcoin.

The central health authority will continue to recommend administering two doses of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine in the period indicated by its manufacturers, Health Minister Salvador Illa said. The European Union to date has authorized the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine and is expected to clear the Moderna vaccine this week. "Without appropriate data supporting such changes in vaccine administration, we run a significant risk of placing public health at risk, undermining the historic vaccination efforts to protect the population from COVID-19".

Kaye said her team, which also scours the dark web, so far has not come across any legitimate vaccine diverted from healthcare facilities or national stockpiles. Her comment, however, reportedly infuriated President Trump, and Messonnier receded from public view for months while continuing her work at the CDC.

"We don't know what the persistence of the single dose will be, but I have to say, we don't know what the persistence for two doses is, either, and that didn't stop us", Gill said.

"We have committed time and time again to make decisions based on data and science", the FDA said.

Dr. Paul Offit, an infectious disease specialist at the University of Pennsylvania, told CNN he thought cutting vaccine doses in half was a bad idea.

Getting a vaccination had not been on the pair's shopping list, and now the vaccine is being prioritized for emergency responders and other frontline workers.

Germany is considering whether to allow a delay, seeking an independent vaccination commission's guidance on whether to push a second shot beyond the current 42-day maximum limit amid frustration and criticism within the country over what some see as a sluggish launch.

"Is that a complication?"

As for mixing vaccines, noted Yale immunologist Akiko Iwasaki has said it should work in theory, but experts agree that it requires more study and should only be a last resort for now.