NY expands vaccine eligibility to anyone over 65

Wednesday, 13 Jan, 2021

Total COVID-19 hospitalizations reached 8,484 on Saturday in New York State, down from 8,527 on Friday, tweeted Governor Andrew Cuomo on Sunday.

NY has had, by nearly any measure, the worst coronavirus outcomes in the country, leading the nation in total deaths and second in deaths per 100,000 residents, behind only New Jersey.

"Be advised that New York State - not Syracuse University - makes all determinations related to vaccine eligibility", the officials said. "So, we're going to supplement the hospitals with additional networks". But Cuomo warned continued spread - potentially exacerbated by a highly contagious COVID-19 variant widespread in the United Kingdom - could devastate hospitals around the state.

Cuomo said he would begrudgingly agree to widen vaccination eligibility to include people as young as 65 and those with pre-existing conditions, even though he personally opposes it.

The event schedule has not been announced, nor have details of the state's financial support, although private contributions are expected to be needed, said one of the participants, who requested anonymity because they were not authorized to speak for the governor. Kathryn Wylde, chief executive of the business group Partnership for New York City, said that many companies in the city haven't changed their existing leasing arrangements but she estimated that only 10% to 15% of employees are working in offices.

The state has so far administered more than 430,000 COVID-19 vaccine doses after being allocated just over 1.2 million doses.

NY will now offer COVID-19 vaccines to a wider group of residents after the state's previously strict eligibility guidelines meant medical providers were forced to throw out unused doses.

Reeling off a series of proposals aimed in part at jobs creation, Cuomo described a "Medical Supplies Act" to ensure the sort of vital public health materials like face masks and gowns that were in short supply last spring when NY was the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic.

"People have a lot of different revenue suggestions and I think we want to be serious about looking at a variety of things because. we are trying to rebuild our economy in a sustainable way, in a progressive way". "It is so lucky we have this vaccine".

"We are delighted by Gov. Cuomo's announcement of a groundbreaking initiative that will allow our cultural spaces to reopen for in-person public performances, health circumstances permitting", the organizations said in a statement. "New York is in economic freefall - yet in the face of widespread hunger, homelessness and unemployment, the Governor is proposing piecemeal solutions", said Invest In Our New York Campaign Manager Rebecca Bailin. That's higher than the national unemployment rate, which has shrunk from 14.7% in April to 6.7% as of November.

Previously, medical staff members had to throw away spare doses because they didn't have enough people to vaccinate.

It's unclear whether the state will ever pay out that local aid.

Cuomo said the state is following new federal guidance issued by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. "But federal relief never was, and is not today, sufficient to meet the needs of people up and down our state". NY has now had 1,155,370 confirmed cases since the pandemic began.

Nnaemeka claimed a tax hike to 13.3% would bring in $11 billion a year. "Instead, he should be talking about this massive failure trying to get the shot into arms of New Yorkers, especially the vulnerable".