Apple pulls update that supports iCloud Keychain on Windows 10

Thursday, 04 Feb, 2021

On Monday, Apple released an update for iCloud for Windows bringing it to version 12, an update which also introduced support for iCloud Passwords for Windows. Additionally, any password created in Google Chrome will also sync with Apple's cloud storage service so that you can use them on Apple devices, like Macs, iPads, and iPhones. This update comes with fixes for vulnerabilities that Apple notes "may have been actively exploited". After the update, a "Passwords" section appeared in the app designated by the iCloud Keychain logo.

As that description implies, if you use Safari to automatically generate strong passwords for websites, the extension lets you use them on Chrome as well.

The extension is in the Google Chrome Web Store here, and can also be added to Edge by clicking on the Add to Chrome button and following the instructions from there. The keychain support was available only for Apple's native Safari browser - until now.

You can use it to sync all the passwords you've created on Mac, iPhone, and iPad to your Windows desktop. This ought to make bouncing between Mac and Windows - for work, for instance - a lot easier. The iCloud Passwords Chrome extension is still available to download, but it requires the correct version of iCloud for Windows to function. Tapping on it will prompt you to download the extension, and then you're ready to go. Google Chrome gives related performance, together with suggesting safe randomly-generated passwords in addition to auto-filling your username and password for saved logins. Third-party options like 1Password, LastPass and DashLane offer extensions and apps for a wide variety of operating systems and devices.