Biden Reviewing Trump's Immigration Policies

Thursday, 04 Feb, 2021

However, Democrats appear poised to be ready to move ahead with the majority of their $1.9 trillion proposal with or without any GOP support. They urged big fast action to stem the pandemic crisis and economic fallout.

Biden signed three executive orders on Tuesday. The goal is passage by March.

Combine a public health crisis, with the first year of a presidency and "the fact that he is coming after a president that he opposes".

White House press secretary Jen Psaki echoed a similar sentiment during a briefing earlier Tuesday as she warned Central Americans who are considering immigrating to the country that it is "not the time" because the Biden administration needs more time to implement an immigration process "where people can be treated humanely".

Republicans had previously used reconciliation to pass their billionaire tax cuts in 2017 and in their failed attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act that same year, when Senators Murkowski, McCain, and Collins crossed the aisle to vote with the Democrats. The president made it clear that he won't delay aid in hopes of winning Republican support.

The White House released a statement that described the talk as substantive and productive. That's less than Mr. Biden's proposal of $1,400 direct payments at higher incomes levels, up to $300,000 for some households.

McConnell said of reconciliation passing today, "They've chosen a totally partisan path ..."

"I think that the number could certainly be higher, and again, without having official backing, it can be hard to really piece together", she added.

"These Executive Actions honor our values by reunifying separated families, reforming our asylum process and promoting inclusion of new Americans into our communities", Pelosi said.

Republicans, who have been frustrated that the administration put its package together without their input, are looking to pressure Biden by pointing to his rhetoric about wanting to return Washington to a less hostile place where bipartisanship is once again possible.

Like many separated parents, she watched the USA election closely, knowing that a victory for Mr Biden would improve her chances of seeing her daughter again, but she has since struggled to discern what the plan is for parents like her, or any timeline for her possible family reunification. But from there, the two plans drastically diverge. Republicans called for spending $20 billion on schools, compared with Biden's proposal for $170 billion. Romney also says he'd rather provide money to continue the Paycheck Protection Program instead of the Democratic plan to provide loans to businesses.

The announcements come as Biden aides warn that Trump's border policies that put asylum increasingly out of reach may take months to unwind - a position that has caused grumbling among some pro-immigration advocates.

According to Schumer, Biden told Democratic senators he had let the Republicans know "he's willing to make some modifications".

The members of the task force will be government officials, the official said. Vice President Kamala Harris is responsible for breaking any ties.

However, the task force will face a daunting challenge in trying to track down the parents of more than 600 children who remain separated, according to a January court filing in a related case. And they are on the frontlines of research to develop COVID-19 vaccines and treatments for those afflicted with the deadly disease, Biden asserted.

The two leaders want to have a final vote on the budget by the end of the week, before the Senate gets bogged down in the impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump.