United Kingdom administers 15 million vaccine doses

Monday, 15 Feb, 2021

The UK government is hoping to meet its target of offering Covid-19 vaccinations to 15 million people in the most vulnerable groups by Monday, February 15.

Britain was the first western country to start rolling out vaccines and the first to extend the delay between first and second doses to 12 weeks in an effort to give as many people as possible at least some protection from the virus.

Britain says it is on track to have offered an injection by Monday to everyone 70 and over, as well as those who are clinically vulnerable, frontline health and social care workers and older adults in care homes.

A total of 5,822,871 vaccine doses have been administered in long-term care facilities, the agency said.

United Kingdom now has one of the highest proportions of people vaccinated against the virus in the world.

"As many as 7,668 healthcare workers received the second dose of vaccine today", the ministry said.

Boris Johnson released a video in which he called it an "extraordinary feat" and a "significant milestone".

Mr Johnson said: "And in England, I can tell you we have now offered jabs to everyone in the first four priority groups, the people most likely to be severely ill from coronavirus, hitting the first target that we set ourselves".

According to the latest official figures, 14.56 million people have received a shot, allowing health officials to expand the programme to those aged 65 to 69, and to other clinically vulnerable people.

Last month the programme expanded rapidly to include larger vaccination centres, smaller GP-run centres, as well as some pharmacies and hospitals.

In a separate BBC interview, a member of the WHO's delegation to China said that, while Chinese authorities had not given them all raw data, they had seen a lot of information and discussed analysis of the first cases.

Hillier said the province had to adjust its vaccination plan because of an unexpected reduction in supply of vaccines from the federal government, but the disruption in deliveries has not stopped the rollout or the province's commitment to vaccinating high risk populations and people who care for them.

"We do need to be very careful in how we proceed", Raab said on Sky.

People wear masks to protect them from the COVID-19 virus in Kingston, Ontario, on February 10, 2021.

"As we widen the net on vaccine eligibility, it's also vital that the Government is clear in its messaging to the public, which must be culturally competent so that we maximise uptake in areas of deprivation and in black and minority ethnic populations".

"All restrictions remaining after 8 March should be proportionate to the ever-increasing number of people we have protected".