Barry County GOP censures Rep. Peter Meijer over impeachment vote

Wednesday, 17 Feb, 2021

Kinzinger, one of the few Republican lawmakers who has pushed back against some of Trump's policies, was one of 10 GOP House members to vote to impeach on January 13.

For the sort of people who write about politics for a living, there are few greater indictments of Trump than "reality television star".

"I don't think they can", he replied. "And sad that it's happening to so many". So, these investigations and his hard times will continue to pester him in future.

Sasse believes the party must take a broader view about where it ultimately wants to go.

"We are thoroughly disgusted with you!" the letter says in closing "And, oh, by the way, we are calling for your removal from office".

Kinzinger's on record saying he's willing to lose his job to do what he's doing because he believes it's right, and clearly. a letter from his family isn't stopping him.

In Trump's impeachment trial Democratic prosecutors offered strong evidence to show that the attack was the outcome of two months of deliberate incitement and encouragement by Trump.

"It's been insane, when you have friends - that you thought were good friends that would love you no matter what - that don't", he told the publication.

A lawyer for Giuliani did not immediately return an email seeking comment.

However, after most Republican senators displayed a lack of interest in the House managers' arguments against Trump and an acquittal looked certain, the latter rather addressed Americans in general and meant to record correct history.

The effort fell 10 votes short of the 67 needed to convict but served to fortify the junior senator from Nebraska's bona fides as a conservative with an independent streak and put him further at odds with party leaders back home.

Louisiana Republicans voted on Saturday to censure Sen.

It's telling that as Mr Trump prepares to re-enter the fray after his impeachment trial, he does so with an attack on his own party, not the Democrats. Richard Burr. Party members in Utah, Pennsylvania, Nebraska and ME have also threatened to censure Sens. With Republicans like Mitt Romney, who needs Democrats. Burr and Toomey plan to retire after their current terms.

Mike Pompeo was Trump's second secretary of state, and South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem was one of his most vociferous defenders in the media throughout last year's election campaign.

Although this was the fourth impeachment trial in American history overall -before Trump, only two presidents, Andrew Johnson in 1688 and Bill Clinton in 1998, were indicted but both were eventually acquitted - this was the first impeachment trial in which all members of the government and several from the opposition party voted against the president.

Despite the pushback, the senators this weekend stood behind their decisions. Allegheny County GOP chair Sam DeMarco said he didn't agree with Toomey's vote, but that he doesn't agree with any censure of the senator. They say they don't like his "horrible, rude accusations of President Trump!" "Because he is taking away their evil, Satanic ways", she said.