Ted Cruz returns to freezing Texas from Cancun after outcry

Friday, 19 Feb, 2021

In some photos, a gray face mask was visible that appeared to be similar to one that Cruz was wearing at US President Joe Biden's inauguration.

Ted Cruz and his family left their poodle Snowflake behind when they jetted off to Mexico, it has emerged, with the dog remaining in the unheated Houston house as the Cruzes sunned themselves. Insider could not independently confirm the text messages.

Cruz admitted on Thursday that his trip, which sparked a furious outcry among his freezing constituents, had been a mistake. "Is everyone warm? That's a must!" 'Is this Senator Cruz's house?' I asked. "Anyone can or want to leave for the week?"

Only time will tell, and he's got three years left. When asked who was taking care of the dog, the guard volunteered that he was.

Insider reached out to Sen.

We'll let you know if Cruz's office responds.

This sounds suspiciously like something a politician would say after a social media outcry over an unnecessary global trip; was Heidi Cruz, who also appears in various photos, not up to the task of escorting the kids?

Photos of Cruz and his family at the George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston first circulated online on Wednesday, prompting immediate criticism.

Senator Cruz has been one of the loudest voices in the fight to overturn the election results, with Democrats blaming his rhetoric for the violence in the Capitol.

"But our focus is on working directly with leadership in Texas and the surrounding states on addressing the winter storm and the crisis at hand, the many people across the state who are without power, without the resources they need, and we expect that would be the focus of anyone in the state or surrounding states who was elected to represent them". He is expected to return Thursday afternoon.

Cruz says he only took the trip to be a "good dad" and chaperone his daughters to Cancun. A neighbor informed me that the block had indeed lost power before finally getting it back late Wednesday night. "I'm hard-pressed to say", he wrote.

Multiple news outlets confirmed his trip on Thursday morning.

Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas on Thursday defended his decision to fly to Mexico for a family vacation while his home state grappled with a severe winter storm.

President Joe Biden, who has approved an emergency declaration for Texas and promised federal aid, called off a trip to a vaccine production plant in MI on Thursday.

Cruz cut his trip short after his travels were reported, stopping briefly in Cancun airport to speak to media on his way out of Mexico.

'As I was heading down I started to have second thoughts nearly immediately, ' he said.

"Just when I think Ted Cruz couldn't disappoint Texans more, he finds a new way to do it", he said.

"As it became a bigger and bigger firestorm, it became all the more compelling that I come back", he said.