Joe Biden trips twice going up the steps to Air Force One

Tuesday, 23 Mar, 2021

USA president Joe Biden is "doing 100% fine" despite tripping up the stairs three times as he boarded Air Force One.

In an interview with the United States news outlet Newsmax, Trump said that he had "expected it, actually", in a nod to an incident last Friday, when Biden stumbled three times and at one point fell to his knees when boarding the presidential plane.

The 78-year-old recovered and then saluted the military officers who had greeted him earlier on the tarmac. I nearly fell coming up the steps myself. She called the stumbles "nothing more than a misstep on the stairs". - President Biden travels to Atlanta, Georgia, to tour the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and to meet with Georgia Asian American leaders, following the Atlanta Spa shootings.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki is giving a news briefing on Monday.

A reporter in the pool following Biden reported that it was a windy day at Andrews.

Biden is no stranger to accidents of this kind - he fractured his foot last November while playing with his pet dog.

Biden's gaffe is far from the first time a president has slipped up on the aircraft stairs, with Air Force One introduced back in 1962.

A second source said Biden advisers have a package of proposals totaling up to $3 trillion for infrastructure and other priorities they are discussing with the president this week.

Ronny Jackson, a physician who previously served under three presidents George Bush, Barack Obama and Donald Trump, raised concerns that Joe Biden might be hiding a major illness from the public eye and hinted that he might not be physically or mentally capable of doing the job.

President Gerald Ford fell down Air Force One's steps in Austria in 1975, making global news.

Even Biden mocked Trump at the time for the way he walked, saying the Republican "stumbles down ramps".