Russian Federation offers to help Egypt in freeing Suez Canal ship

Monday, 29 Mar, 2021

It's probably all over your Twitter timelines in the form of a meme; the enormous ship representing a big problem, the tiny digger trying to expand the canal representing the small, insignificant steps taken to mitigate such a big problem.

"MSC expects this incident to have a very significant impact on the movement of containerized goods, disrupting supply chains beyond the existing challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic", MSC said in a statement.

He spoke in an interview with Nieuwsuur TV in the Netherlands.

If the tide continues to not work in the favor of the dislodging efforts, it could be necessary to remove numerous roughly 20,000 containers on the Ever Given to make it light enough to float, said Rabie and shipping analysts. "We hope that a combination of the tugboats, dredging of sand at the bow and a high tide will enable us to get the ship loose at the beginning of next week".

The Suez suspension "has impacted oil imports to Syria and slowed arrival of a ship carrying fuel and oil products" from government ally Iran, Syria's oil ministry said.

The trapped ship weighs 223,000 tons, carries about 18,000 containers, and has a length of 400 meters.

Dutch firm Boskalis with its emergency response team Smit Salvage is hired by Ever Given's owner to assist the SCA in the rescue operations.

"We are continuing work to remove sediment as of now, with additional dredging tools".

"THE SHIP MOVED!" he tweeted.

Attempts earlier on Friday to free it failed, said Bernhard Schulte Ship management, the technical manager of the Ever Given.

Shipping giants such as Denmark's Maersk have re-routed ships to the longer journey around South Africa's Cape of Good Hope, adding at least seven days to the travel time.

He said 321 vessels were waiting to enter or continue their transit through the canal.

According to shipping data, the ship is holding up an estimated £9.6bn of goods each day.

"Rough calculations suggest westbound traffic is worth around $5.1 billion daily while eastbound traffic is worth $4.5 billion".

On Sunday, Egypt's president has ordered preparations to unload the Ever Given ship's cargo if refloating fails.

More than 300 container vessels, oil tankers and bulk cargo vessels are blocked in both directions from using the critical trade shortcut between Europe and Asia.

The Suez Canal blockage doesn't just affect the global shipping industry or the Egyptian economy - countless businesses, from domestic transport providers to retailers, supermarkets and manufacturers are also impacted. It has been beset with delays in processing ships and freight since a year ago and strong winds have also disrupted traffic to the harbour. The blockage is exacerbating ongoing delays with ocean shipping associated with record trade volumes, a lack of extra ships to meet the demand, shortages of containers for loading imports and exports, port congestion, and coronavirus restrictions.

In February 2019, EVER GIVEN collided with a small ferry in Germany's Blankenese and badly damaged it, causing worldwide shipping to stop in the Port of Hamburg.