Woman accuses Gov. Andrew Cuomo of unwanted kisses in 2017 visit

Tuesday, 30 Mar, 2021

Another woman has stepped forward accusing Governor Andrew Cuomo in appropriate behavior.

"The way he looked at me and his body language made me very uncomfortable", she said.

According to Ana Liss, a former aide to Cuomo and one of his accusers, she was asked about DeRosa's behaviour in the workplace during an interview with the investigators, who were trying to figure out if she was targeted by DeRosa.

"Due to the multiple, credible sexual harassment and misconduct allegations, it is clear that Governor Cuomo has lost the confidence of his governing partners and the people of NY".

"The allegations against the governor connect to a pattern throughout his entire tenure of abusing power", she said.

The governor and staffers came to her home to access the damage. Allred said Vill has no plans to alert the law firm leading the Assembly judiciary committee's investigation and is focusing on the attorney general's office for now.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo inside the home of Sherry Vill.

Days after the encounter, a Cuomo staffer invited Vill to an event in town and according to Vill, the invitation did not include her husband or family members. Some of the shots show Cuomo holding and shaking hands as well as kissing another woman while clasping his hands around her face, which the governor has described as a customary greeting.

She recalled Cuomo kissing her on the forehead and gripping her firmly around the sides while posing for a photo at a 2019 office Christmas party.

"I felt shocked and didn't understand what had just happened", Vill said.

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New accuser says Cuomo inappropriately kissed her in her Greece, N.Y. home

The accusation Monday has similarities to allegations made by Anna Ruch, who told The New York Times that Cuomo touched her face and back and asked to kiss her moments after they met at a wedding reception.

"I felt as if he was coming onto me in my own home", Vill said this afternoon during the news conference over Zoom, adding that the interaction felt "highly sexual" and made her feel embarrassed and weird.

"He took my hand and said, is there anything else you want", Vill said. "I never felt as uncomfortable as I did the day Gov. Cuomo came to my house".

Vill said she was intimidated by the governor and essentially froze during the incident due to their height differential.

It is further alleged that Cuomo lingered as other officials left at the end of the visit, calling her "beautiful" before leaving.

"We'll have to see what if anything she's willing to do after that", Allred said. "I could not use my other hand to stop him because he did it so quickly and also I was still holding my dog with my other hand".

In addition to James' investigation, Cuomo also faces an FBI probe into whether his administration provided false data regarding the number of nursing home deaths during the coronavirus pandemic, reported the New York Times.

Vill also later received a signed letter from the governor, sent along with two photographs of him shaking her hand inside the home.

However, she did not respond to the call. She says vill will be contacting the state attorney general's office, which is investigating misconduct allegations involving multiple women.

"The governor is a very powerful person in New York", Allred explained in response to another question about why Vill was only coming forward now.