Germany to restrict AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccines to over-60s

Thursday, 01 Apr, 2021

The bloc had previously said it authorized requests for millions of doses of vaccines to be shipped to 29 countries, including Japan, Reuters reported on March 5.

It's also a condition that can be tested for and treated, she said.

In Italy on Tuesday, Prime Minister Mario Draghi received his first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine, which his government temporarily halted the use of last month.

"Hopefully, this will be an incentive for people to come forward to be vaccinated, " he said, adding that it was not necessary at the moment to force the public to be vaccinated, or have a deadline for registration. "By Tuesday we had a plan in place".

"I think that is an extraordinarily quick reaction", he said.

Annette Robinson, president of the B.C. Pharmacy Association, said some locations started to administer shots Wednesday, but most would distribute the doses Thursday and Friday.

Its current name is "Covid-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca". The vaccines carried fake batch numbers and expiry dates, and the vials and labels were not those used by the genuine vaccine manufacturers.

There have been 320 new confirmed cases that are variants of concern in B.C. for a total of 2,553 cases. Do this by staying small, staying outside and staying with your same group of close contacts.

Provincial Health Officer Bonnie Henry says the vaccine is effective and urges Lower Mainlanders to take advantage of the ability to get vaccinated early.

"It may be that we should re-assign vaccine that was meant for them in the strict age-based approach to other people who are younger and in the transmission chains".

Spahn called on people who already have appointments at vaccination centres to keep them.

"It still puts it in the same range as dying by getting hit by lightning, but it sounds a lot worse", he said.

"This shows our most important building block in our vaccination campaign is actually BioNTech".

"We respect the decision taken by STIKO [the Standing Committee on Vaccination] in their advisory capacity for use of vaccines in Germany", the British-Swedish pharmaceutical company told dpa on Wednesday. When health officials chose to deliver vaccinations by age, starting with the oldest and moving down, B.C. was not experiencing almost 1,000 COVID-19 cases a day. "The risks of the complications are very low and the risks of the disease are much higher than the risks of a complication".

Vaccines in B.C. are now available for anyone 73 and older, Indigenous people over 18, and those who are clinically extremely vulnerable. In a statement ahead of the announcement, AstraZeneca said tens of millions of people worldwide have received its vaccines, and noted that the European Union regulator and the World Health Organization concluded that the benefits of the shot outweigh the risks.

"Right now, we are waiting on Health Canada's recommendations to determine what adjustments we may need to make to this immunization stream, as a result of the safety signal for those under 55".

On its website, AstraZeneca said it would deliver up to three billion doses of its Covid-19 vaccine across the globe by the end of 2021 - 18 months after the company first joined hands with the University of Oxford to develop and manufacture the vaccine.