Apple showcases macOS High Sierra

Tuesday, 06 Jun, 2017

You'll be asked if you want to convert your Mac to the Apple File System, unless you have a mid-2012 Mac Pro or iMac with a 3TB Fusion drive and BootCamp, where APFS isn't supported yet.

Apple gathers and stores a lot of data when you use its products.

The rest of us might identify with Humphrey Bogart's character, Roy Earle, who replies, saying "Yeah, ain't they?" Do you have a story for The Sun Online news team?

Apple calls the new operating system macOS High Sierra, which promises to bring a faster Safari browser. The newer version of the operating system ran the same command instantly.

Apple is also making big improvements to graphics and motion video.

The developer kit for macOS High Sierra will be released today.

High Sierra is available in developer beta today, while a public beta is planned for later this month.

Apple is bringing the apple file system to macOS as the new default.

But why will it make your Mac much better? A Siri face will show more info from the assistant, like flight times, controls for smart home devices and third-party notifications.

Video has evolved from H.264 to keep up with the spread of 4K HDR video, so Apple now supports H.265 codecs for maximum quality in playback. Apple says the machine is fast enough for real-time 3D rendering, code compiling and designing virtual reality content.

VR support is also a first for macOS and Macs, and it's introduced via a Thunderbolt 3 GPU, which is underpinned by an AMD Radeon RX 850, which can be hooked up to the Mac. Support for external graphics will subsequently be rolled out to all users. We're still bummed that Apple passed on the opportunity to call it Heavy Metal. It'll learn your habits based on what articles you might be reading, for instance.

"Ever had an experience when you buy something on the web - and you even complete the purchase - and then it seems that everywhere you go on the web it follows you around?"

You'll be able to customize all these features on a per-site basis, and the same applies to page zoom, location services, notifications, and content blockers. But it's a concrete example of Apple using machine learning "to pull what it thinks is the most relevant data at the moment", Fingerman said. Other tweaks such as improved facial recognition and tagging will make it easier for people to sort through all of their photos. The improvements with new OS are spread across Safari browser, Mail, Photos, Graphics and more on the macOS High Sierra. The interface will include a persistent sidebar and a redesigned Edit view.

Photos will have more editing tools including a Curves menu for fine-tuning. Photos has gotten fresh editing features and now syncs with other photo editing solutions such as Photoshop so you don't lose any edits.

This refined update to macOS is coming to all Macs that support macOS Sierra. It's a mostly under-the-hood change, but users will notice a difference. We're always in favor of Apple refining existing features that seem, well, half-baked.

Among the announcements coming out of Apple's WWDC developer conference is news that Safari will prevent cross-site tracking.

Right now the future looks groovy for macOS.