The 592HP Jaguar XE SV Project 8 Will Cost a Shocking $192200

Thursday, 29 Jun, 2017

The exterior design was headed by Wayne Burgess, Jaguar's production studio director, who said he took inspiration from Group B Lancia Delta Integrale rally cars.

The carbon-fiber front fenders are flared 0.7 inch per side to cover 265-section Michelin Cup 2 tires, the rear arches are extended 2.2 inches and there are race car-like cutaways to the lower arches. In fact, the vehicle is said to be capable of delivering more than 122kg of downforce at 300km/h. Carbon fiber has been used for the front and rear bumpers, as well as the vented hood. The adjustable front splitter, front and rear bumper, bonnet, rear diffuser and front wings are all produced in an autoclave, with the doors and roof stamped from aluminium (although United States and Canada bound Project 8s will have a Panoramic roof fitted). Jag bosses claim that despite the headlights and numberplate, in no way was the XE SV Project 8 meant to be a useable and friendly grocery getter.

A dedicated Track Mode has been added for the first time. The system uses motorsport-grade brake fluid, and can independently brake the inside wheels of the vehicle during cornering to help turn-in response.

Project 8 exclusively features the most highly tuned version of Jaguar Land Rover's 5.0-litre Supercharged V8 petrol powertrain.

In part, that's to keep the car's weight down - the bonnet and bumpers are made of carbon fibre, for instance - but it's also to improve the car's aerodynamics and, therefore, its performance.

Other goodies include F1-inspired silicon nitride ceramic wheel bearings, a new carbon ceramic braking system, adjustable dampers, AND A DAMN PISTOL GRIP SHIFTER giving you cowboy control of the 8-speed transmission (there are also paddles, if you are not a cowboy).

Inside, air conditioning keeps the driver cool during track days.

The fun continues inside with bucket seats with "Project 8" embroidery and carbon fiber trim. The center console gets its own 10.2-inch touchscreen with Jaguar's InControl Touch Pro infotainment system; that's been upgraded with track-friendly features like a stopwatch, g-meter, and accelerator/braking graphics. "Once you decide that, then the XE makes sense, because it's our most agile saloon and has the aluminium platform". A 380-Watt Meridian audio system is standard, though most owners will probably prefer to listen to the thundering exhaust note instead.

The Project 8 will be available in two forms: the "normal" four-seat model and a two-seat Track Pack version.

Every model gets a luxurious interior with special Performance seats and unique Oyster contrast stitching; in the rear the three seats make way for two sculpted chairs, with extra support on the squabs and bolsters.

An optional Track Pack is available on the auto, which cuts 12.5kg off the Project 8's 1,757kg weight, as well as adding race-specification seats and a roll cage in the back instead of the rear seats.

Only 300 examples will be produced worldwide, and Jaguar will only offer the Project 8 in left-hand drive, so its domestic market in the United Kingdom won't be too happy. The vehicle is still undergoing final tuning and development, but Job 1 is scheduled to roll out of SVO's new technical center near Coventry, England, in March 2018.