'Stranger Things 2' Promises Justice For Barb & One Insane Trailer

Monday, 24 Jul, 2017

Netflix's hit debuted its second trailer at San Diego Comic-Con today, to the delight of the supernatural series' adoring fans, who packed the massive Hall H to watch their world turn upside down. And so it proved, with a fun panel and a brand new trailer for Season 2, evocatively set to Michael Jackson's Thriller.

At times it truly feels like the curiosity door shielding those otherworldly shadow beasts in Stranger Things Season 2 will stay forever closed.

But this trailer seems to hint at the exact nature of her return: an escape through a tear in the Upside Down, and back into the real world.

Originally slated on Netflix's schedule to return on Halloween, after seeing this clip, it makes sense why the binge-watching service pushed up the show to October 27.

The sci-fi series is set to return to Netflix on October 31.

The second season will see a new character arrive in Hawkins, played by Sadie Sink."I play Max and she's a big tomboy".

The sci-fi show will truly be better and greater than its first season and till the time of its premiere, only wait is the last thing to do.

As one of the pop culture sensations of a year ago, Stranger Things was destined to make a splash at Comic-Con.

By now, geeks everywhere are familiar with the Stranger Things craze.

But the big takeaway is that Eleven is back.

The trailer echoes this statement as it's clear that Will's presence is just as much a disruption to life in Hawkins as his disappearance was in Season 1.

And then, for the grand finale, we got an asskicker of a trailer out of nowhere.

Here's the official synopsis for season 2: "It's 1984 and the citizens of Hawkins, Indiana are still reeling from the horrors of the demagorgon and the secrets of Hawkins Lab". I'm dropping a little spice into the recipe that you all know and love, which is an honor.