NES Classic Returning in 2018, Production Extended for SNES Mini

Wednesday, 13 Sep, 2017

The SNES Classic will ship through 2018, reversing Nintendo's original plan to similarly discontinue the product at the end of the calendar year.

In addition, more units of Super NES Classic Edition will ship on its original September 29 launch day in the USA, more than were shipped of NES Classic Edition all previous year. Fils-Aime claims that the company has "dramatically increased" the production of the SNES Classic Edition, so it should be easier this time to get your hands on a unit.

In fairness to Nintendo on the NES Classic side of things, the company's new Switch console did launch in March 2017.

Shortly after, however, Nintendo announced the $80 SNES Classic Edition - replete with 21 games such as Super Mario World and Super Mario Kart - which Gamesbeat reviewed as a good machine which offered few surprises.

To be blunt, you're pretty much screwed.

The console, a smaller version of the classic '90s Super Nintendo that comes with 21 preloaded games and goes on sale for $80 on September 29, was available for preorder online with virtually no warning three weeks ago.

The NES Classic will relaunch next summer with new shipments.

Nintendo of America announced Tuesday that the NES Classic, its widly popular, miniaturized version of its 1980s gaming console, is going back into production and will re-appear on store shelves in 2018.

The Super NES Classic, however, is right around the corner. We've been lamenting for weeks about the limited availability of the SNES Classic, and the frustration in trying to acquire one as an average working adult.

The NES Classic Edition first launched back in November 2016. Nintendo is expected to announce more details at a later date.

For fans who missed out on that console release, Nintendo is promising more to come.