Apple iPhone X: Ultra-Fast Face ID Causing A Slowdown

Tuesday, 31 Oct, 2017

Soon after the video went live, it became viral and many blogging websites called it, the best in action Apple iPhone X till date, which also went into the notice of Apple.

An Apple engineer was reportedly fired after his daughter posted a hands-on video of the iPhone X to YouTube.

Do you feel sorry for the fired Apple worker, or did the company do the right thing?

Around the world, Apple fans posted images and comments online last Friday about how they were planning to get their hands on one of the US$999 (S$1,364) - or more - phones. Peterson said that Apple had asked her to take the video down and she immediately obliged, however, the damage was already done by then. She was unaware that recording is prohibited in Apple campus. Nonetheless, she made the video because she loves to and that cost her dad his job.

She explained that she had intended the video to simply be like a diary entry, marking her visit to her father's work. She also shared how she felt her father didn't deserve it but they are not bitter.

On his LinkedIn page, Bauer, who previously worked at Broadcom before coming to Apple in August 2013, was a self-described "RF guy" at Apple.

Apple's delays in fulfilling demand are likely to have a negative effect on its Q4 sales, the same time the company plans to roll out its HomePod smart speaker to compete with Amazon's Alexa devices and Google Assistant. And possible internal codenames of device prototypes were visible on iPhone X's screen in Anderson's video, according to a report by The Verge. The first is that while anonymous leaks are hard to punish, Peterson's YouTube channel has her name and face really prominently. However, Kuo has stated in the past that Face ID will be seen on all 2018 iPhone models which means Touch ID will slowly start to phase out.