Destiny 2 Adds the 'Curse of Osiris' Expansion in December

Tuesday, 31 Oct, 2017

With the recent announcement of The Curse of Osiris DLC for Destiny 2, Bungie also confirmed that a new Raid would be included with the Expansion.

If you ordered the The Destiny 2 Digital Deluxe edition ($99 on Amazon) then you already have the Expansion Pass for both Expansion I and Expansion II. I don't know if I can last months on end with the same gameplay loop that Destiny 2 has at the moment.

Destiny 2 players have already come across numerous game's most unusual and frustrating bugs. The name first surfaced in the "Trials of Osiris" competitive multiplayer mode in the original Destiny game.

All of the content shown appears to be regulated to just three Guardians, so there is no word if a new raid is coming. Enter Osiris, who is the "most notorious Guardian in Vanguard history". One of the biggest announcements it made today actually involves a non-Sony game: Destiny 2. "Will he be an ally or an enemy?" Bungie plans to and is determined, to maintain the elaborate storytelling that Destiny 2 brought to the table.

Could we be returning to the Dreadnaught?

This is the culmination of all the information that we now have on the Destiny 2 DLC, but we'll be sure to keep this guide updated with any new information the moment it breaks.