Nintendo Switch Major Update Still Without Cloud Feature!

Tuesday, 31 Oct, 2017

Overall, 2.93 million units were shipped during the quarter which takes the Switch to 7.63 million to date. Operating profit for the half ended September came in at 39.9 billion yen in first-half operating profit, a turnaround from the 5.9 billion yen operating loss a year earlier, the company reported Monday. Nintendo posted a revenue of 219.9 billion yen ($1.9 billion), compared to the analyst's estimate of 174 billion yen. It raised its forecast for the full fiscal year to 85 billion yen from an earlier outlook of 45 billion yen.

Nintendo said it now expects operating profit for the current financial year of 120 billion yen ($1.06 billion), almost double the 65 billion yen ($572 million) it predicted three months ago. These two lead a whopping 27.48M "software" sales for Nintendo's console.

Provided Nintendo settles its supply issues, Switch sales could easily surpass Wii U lifetime sales in its first year on the market.

Nintendo has almost doubled its full-year profits forecast thanks to the success of its new Switch hybrid game machine. It sees sales reaching 960 billion yen, up 210 billion yen from the previous guidance. Software sales for the 3DS were also up, but not by as much, with Nintendo selling almost 8 million games. To put that number into perspective, Wii U sales still have not topped 14 million units. There's a long way for it to catch up to the Wii, but it's off to a damn good start, and these figures obviously don't include the undoubted spurt of fresh console sales that last week's release of Super Mario Odyssey will surely have sparked. The new Animal Crossing mobile title is due out next month. Since then, the Nintendo Switch has launched suddenly, everything is heading back in the right direction. He also said that the upcoming holiday season would test the true power of the Switch.