Fake WhatsApp version found on Google Play Store

Monday, 06 Nov, 2017

The latest fake version was so well disguised that it was downloaded over 1 million times by users, stated the report.

While nothing has yet been announced by Google, Android Police has delved into the code of Google Play Store v8.4 and unearthed some interesting treasures. Google is working on preventing these kind of attacks. Then there was another fake WhatsApp app that called itself "WhatsApp Business". According to him, the fake WhatsApp had the goal of creating revenue through ads. Android users were previously misled by various types of fake apps.

"Fake app trying to be WhatsApp". The apps will start getting downloaded right away regardless of the connection you are using. Everything about this app looked officially, which was done on goal. The developer likely added a space in between the name WhatsApp Inc., which is how it could fool people.

Most audiobooks will have a price tag associated with them, but just like titles already available with Play Books, you'll be able to get your hands on a few free options as well. Luckily for those who did install the app, the only thing it did was push ads for other apps.

To be fair, it is very easy to fall for the dupe app.

Lastly, while downloading large apps you will not be requested to connect to a Wi-Fi data. Due to it looking like the real deal, no one would have looked closer at the developer or the name of the app.

Once Google started receiving multiple complaints about the fake WhatsApp app, it was taken down from the platform. Earlier, a fake version of the augmented reality game 'Pokémon Go' was found in the Play store app. Google also suspended the developer for violating Google's policies.