Qualcomm Is Suing Apple For The iPhone X

Saturday, 02 Dec, 2017

Qualcomm provided the three filings to The Register and said they pertain to "a total of 16 additional patents that Apple is now using in its iPhones". Yes, it really looks like Qualcomm is going after the iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone 7.

The bad blood and ongoing legal scuffle between Apple and Qualcomm is in the news again today after the iPhone-maker submitted a patent infringement suit targeting two of Qualcomm's flagship processors. Many of these patents cover technology that helps to improve battery life, but there are others that focus on additional technology. But both Apple and Qualcomm can afford a long and tedious court battle, especially the former. The report further notes that Apple is suing the world's largest chipset manufacturer for an unspecified amount.

Qualcomm alleged the infringement took place in a range of Apple devices.

There are more lawsuits filed by Apple and Qualcomm against each other in the dispute over patents. This would prevent the device from being sold on AT&T and T-Mobile.

The Apple devices covered in these suits are limited to those using Intel LTE modems.

Aside from the modems, Qualcomm is also pointing to the multitasking interface of the iPhone X, which is apparently similar to the old interface of webOS.

However, in a statement, general counsel at Qualcomm Don Rosenberg denied that Qualcomm's filings were in response to Apple's counter-claims.

It seems that Qualcomm's legal team was taking note, they cited that line in a complaint alleging that Apple ripped off Palm's patented interface. As we told you last night, Apple is now accusing the chipmaker of infringing on eight Apple patents related to power efficiency.

This legal dispute started at the beginning of the year after the Federal Trade Commission accused Qualcomm of anti-competitive behavior. Apple said the chipmaker was using the lawsuit to "extend its monopoly" in the market by asking the International Trade Commission to exclude its "only remaining competitor".

Qualcomm's tried to establish that Apple is a serial patent avoider that nonetheless knows the value of intellectual property and should therefore cough up.

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