Instagram users to now see 'recommended posts' in home feed

Sunday, 31 Dec, 2017

Instagram explained that the "recommended for you" section is now being rolled out to all iOS and Android users. You will see "Recommended For You" on certain posts which will be populated based on posts liked by the accounts that you follow.

This new feature was being tested since more than two weeks, and, it's now rolling out to Android and iOS users alike. You can choose to temporarily hide Recommended for You posts.

For now, the recommended posts will appear after you've gone through the posts in your main feed from people you do follow. Instead, between three and five suggested posts are displayed in a Recommended for You section.

Instagram is continuously introducing new features to amuse its users. Just for information, the "Hide" button can be availed of by taping on the three dots placed at the top of the post. Users need not get it confused with their own home feed.

The photo and video sharing network has quietly made its "recommended posts" feature live.

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Hashtags work like a charm on Instagram, they arrange the stuff, and you can search things by hashtags.

Everyone knows you can expand the reach of your posts by using a number of relevant hashtags, but what those are aren't always glaringly obvious. Some expressed their disdain for the recommended feature, citing that they were following the accounts they follow for a specific reason. IM LOOKING AT YOU, @instagram! clear up my feed. For example, when Facebook recommends friends for us, and not getting the point that users would add those friends without this feature if they really wanted to!

This latest change to Instagram feeds is set to deliver lots of fresh content to users. Nonetheless, Instagram has already started rolling out the new update and it's just a matter of time before you start seeing it on your feed.