Milwaukee police apologize for arrest, tasing of National Basketball Association player

Суббота, 26 Мая, 2018

Brown was not criminally charged after police authorities reviewed reports and body camera footage, the department said.

Police previously said that the Milwaukee Bucks rookie became confrontational over an alleged parking violation, prompting the officers to tase and arrest him.

Morales took over as police chief in February, weeks after Brown's arrest. He is the party confronted, not the one doing the confronting.

Officers used a stun gun on Brown after encountering him in a Walgreens parking lot. Officers doing a routine check at a Walgreens near the BMO Harris Bradley Center - the Bucks' home arena - found a auto parked across two handicapped spaces.

The officer radios for another squad auto to show up. He did not share the name of officers or other details. However, the video shows the officers were the ones getting combative and attempting to escalate the situation. Protests grew when Dontre Hamilton, a Black man, was killed by officer Christopher Manney, who shot him 14 times on a park bench in 2014. Brown keeps the volume of his voice level even as his frustration is obvious. "These are simple questions and you're being, like, all badass to me".

"Are you obstructing me?" On what? For what? After Garner was killed in 2014 when police officers held him in a headlock in NY, players (including then-Bulls guard Derrick Rose) wore shirts that read "I Can't Breathe". Brown has realized his life long dream of playing in the National Basketball Association. Brown uses his key fob to silence it.

At one point after backup arrived, Brown was surrounded by four officers. Someone asks if they should use a Taser. That part of the video may be the most hard to understand. "Are you the Bucks player?" he asks.

"Our officers are true professionals that do all possible with the finite resources afforded them". Afterward, as Brown protests again from the ground, he gets back into it.

Later, to another officer, he says he pulled in to check out the parallel parked auto because "I'm thinking maybe he's got a medical emergency or something".

"On the ground", one of the officers says, as another asks for a taser.

Milwaukee officials have been bracing for a backlash over the videos for days. Brown left his Mercedes idling across parking lanes while he was in the store, the video released Wednesday shows.

Below is the full footage of the incident released by the Milwaukee Police Department. The city is considering settling a lawsuit by the American Civil Liberties Union in Wisconsin, which is representing eight residents who say police targeted them for stops because they were African-American or Latino and because of the high-crime areas where they lived.

For the record, Lucas is running for Milwaukee County Sheriff.

In 2017, a former officer was acquitted of first-degree reckless homicide after shooting 23-year-old Sylville Smith in 2016. "#StandWithSterling I'm just glad your ok man!" He joined the Milwaukee Police Department in 2006 and received about $100,000 in pay, including about $7,700 in overtime a year ago.

The video was kept under wraps for months, but it had to be released due to the Open Records Act.

Morales' apology came as police released body-camera footage that showed how a simple interaction over an illegally parked vehicle quickly escalated.

It's a carefully calibrated message and a slick bit of PR work, to be sure.

Brown further noted that "situations like mine and worse happen every day in the black community", adding "the common denominator in all of these situations has been racism towards the minority community, the abuse of power and the lack of accountability for officers involved".