Rockets look to close out Warriors without Paul

Monday, 28 May, 2018

Klay Thompson scored a game-high 35 points to save the Warriors from elimination on Saturday. "It was really nerve-racking at the beginning and we didn't think that they were going to do it but they pulled it off", said Mountain View Warriors fan Suny Bates. Game 7 is Monday night back in Houston. So, the pressure doesn't seem to bother him much.

The Rockets, meanwhile, have wasted no time disposing of vulnerable opponents this postseason, eliminating Minnesota in the first round and Utah in the Western semifinals at first crack after going up 3-1 in each series.

In Game 6, the Rockets scored just 86 points, and only 25 points in the second half (!). He told the media that he's still confident that Houston can win Game 7, via ESPN's Tim Macmahon. Then, the series shifted to Golden State where the Warriors ran the Rockets out of the building winning by 41, but the Rockets mounted an impressive 12-point comeback in the fourth quarter of Game 4 to even the series at two games apiece. "At the same time, we'll rally and do what's right", D'Antoni said of his star guard.

When the officiating started to get weird in the third quarter, the typical game seven conspiracy theorists began to come out on Twitter.

Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry (30) gestures during the first half of Game 6 of the Western Conference Finals against the Houston Rockets in Oakland on Saturday. The Warriors advanced to those Finals by knocking out Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder after overcoming a 3-1 deficit in the conference finals. "I learned, as I get older, if you play with passion, you play hard, and you leave the game saying I gave everything I have tonight in those 48 minutes, you can live with the result".

Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green celebrates with guard Klay Thompson during the second half of Game 6 of the NBA basketball Western Conference Finals against the Houston Rockets in Oakland Calif. Saturday
Rockets look to close out Warriors without Paul

Harden needed help. No one else on the Rockets had more than two assists or 19 points. Bottom line, if there's one thing we know will happen in this game, it's LeBron will be great. Sympathy for Golden State's plight is likely to be scarce, given Paul's absence for Houston, but Golden State has clearly missed Iguodala's settling nature and passing instincts against Houston's unrelenting physicality.

Last year's Western Conference Finals only went four games before eventual champ Golden State headed off to the finals against Cleveland, so a direct comparison is a little bit of a bad pass.

"It's something we talked about building up all year", Houston's P.J. Tucker said. This legend says that the National Basketball Association rigs playoff series so they will go to game seven, thereby earning them more money.

Game seven is on Tuesday (NZT) in Houston.

"I like that fire and energy when you know he's engaged and appreciating what he's bringing to the game", Curry said after Game 6.