Bethesda announces TES 6 at E3

Tuesday, 12 Jun, 2018

There's no release date, but fans will wait patiently and probably get a better look at the game at next year's E3.

Bethesda has reportedly been talking about making Starfield for years now. "You want the DOOM Slayer to feel even more powerful?"

You can play Blades by holding your phone horizontally like most games of its nature, but Bethesda is also letting you go through the whole thing with your phone in portrait mode.

Surprise us colored that Bethesda's Todd Howard, quite possibly the most charismatic presenter E3 has seen thus far, did not reveal a new version of the wildly-popular and milked-to-death The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim late last night.

A preview of the game was shown at E3 over the weekend, showcasing its astonishing graphics, massive open world, and entertaining gameplay. An endless dungeon area filled with enemies and treasure to help upgrade your gear. And yet we have a creeping suspicion it will be a lot more violent, and faster-paced. Plus, Arkane Studios released a free update to all Prey owners last night that adds a casual Story Mode, an incredibly hard Survival Mode, and a New Game+ for everyone who beat the game but wants to jump back in.

Considering this, it seems highly unlikely that The Elder Scrolls 6 will launch for modern consoles, which means PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are likely out of the question. You can pre-register for it on Google Play right now.

According to an article on Thurrott, games journalist Brad Sams claims that Halo Infinite will initially be released as a single-player only game, based on "reliable insider information" from Microsoft.

The premise is you assume the role of a Blade, "the Empire's top agents".

After years of speculation, Bethesda finally announced its new IP Starfield on Sunday. The previously-teased Fallout 76 took up the lion's share of Bestheda's presentation, and it's certainly a departure for both the Fallout series and Bethesda as a company.

Bethesda tonight confirmed that the long-rumored Starfield is real and will be its next major new game in its development slate.