Google Updates Wear OS 08/30/2018

Saturday, 01 Sep, 2018

The other critical change Wear OS has gone through is the swiping actions. With this new update comes a lot of visual changes as well as functional. The new interface is more user friendly.

Let's search for the changes one after the opposite. It's very similar to the now-defunct Google Now. Again it will warn you of the weather for the day.

As for the new notification interface, it retains the same basics, but will now have more information in the notifications, and dismissing them on the phone will also dismisses them from the phone's notification bar. The smart Assistant will warn you of obstacles and delays on your commuting path and suggest an alternate route. Also, Google adds a helpful guide (fox) for fun.

I'm no longer obvious what Google is asking this feed. It looks like a smaller version of the Assistant feed now available on most Android phones, only adapted for the smaller display.

Next are notifications, which operate primarily the connected as sooner than.

According to Dennis Troper, Google's director of product management for Wear OS, the revamped operating system focusses on three major areas. Wear OS will now go hand-in-hand with the all-new Fit, and you can start a workout or check your status for the day with a simple swipe to the left on your watch face. One is "pass minutes" and the diverse is "heart components".

Swiping down still brings up a quick settings menu, but now there are buttons for Google Pay and Find My Phone.

These updates should be rolling out over the course of this month to most watches that got the 2.0 update.

Google Assistant tailors the content to different situations. But application tweaks aren't the topic.

Google said that Wear OS provides more context-specific information as well.

The biggest of them is how Android smartwatches handle notifications.

In the meantime, the changes Google announced look like a big improvement to the outdated Wear OS interface users now sport.