Top House Dems raise prospect of impeachment, jail for Trump

Понедельник, 10 Дек, 2018

The filing stops short of accusing Trump of committing a crime.

In court, the NY prosecutors and attorneys representing Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who is investigating Russia's alleged interference in the president's campaign, made their case for why Trump's former personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, and his former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, deserve imprisonment.

A prominent conservative columnist stunned the hosts of Fox & Friends on Sunday by arguing that President Donald Trump would likely be indicted for campaign finance violations.

In Clinton's, the prosecutor alleged that the president "corruptly encouraged" witnesses to make false statements in a federal civil action and that he "made false and misleading statements to potential witnesses in a Federal grand jury proceeding in order to corruptly influence the testimony of those witnesses".

The 40-page sentencing memo filed by the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Southern District of NY for former Trump personal attorney Michael Cohen is the basis for an indictment against the president, according to Andrew McCarthy.

Schiff reportedly based his comment on a court filing by the US attorney for the Southern District of NY on Friday.

Can Donald Trump be indicted while in office? Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters that the allegations were "nothing of value that wasn't already known", and reiterated that "Mr. Cohen has repeatedly lied and as the prosecution has pointed out to the court, Mr. Cohen is no hero".

Despite Trump's declarations, Mueller hasn't ruled out that the prospect of election season coordination between Moscow and the Trump campaign, and only recently received written answers from the president about possible Russian interference.

In a filing released on Friday, Mueller revealed that a Russian national claiming close ties to the Kremlin reached out to Cohen to propose government-level "political synergy" during the election. In contrast, he has said Cohen, who has co-operated with federal prosecutors, should go to jail.

French sees such an allegation presaged by Mueller's finding that when Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen lied to Congress about the status of his client's effort to build a Trump Tower in Russian Federation, he did so after "circulating" his false report. The November 2015 outreach - which Mueller says Cohen did not pursue - appears to be the earliest known effort by Russian Federation to build ties with the Trump campaign.

Trump's only defense? Cohen, he says, is a liar. Cohen did not follow up on the offer, the filing says.

Mueller also detailed alleged lies told by Manafort during interviews with prosecutors and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

A prominent Republican senator, Marco Rubio, was more cautious, even while restating his support for the Mueller investigation.

"I think the prosecutors in NY make a powerful case against that idea", he added.

The U.S. Justice Department has a standing guideline against indicting sitting presidents, although they can be charged after leaving office.

They said his sentence should reflect a "modest" reduction from the roughly four to five years guidelines would suggest.

Mueller, for his part, praised Cohen for voluntarily providing information about his own and others' conduct on "core topics under investigation" and described the information as " credible and consistent with other evidence" they had obtained. He also warned the White House about considering a pardon for Manafort, saying such a step could trigger congressional debate about limiting a president's pardon powers.