These are the most popular Google searches of 2018

Sunday, 16 Dec, 2018

For all of the tech giants' many failings-massive data breaches, crap customer service, inscrutable policies about acceptable behavior, and so much more-things are far more likely to get worse and worse when you effectively give seats on their boards to 535 people in D.C. who don't know an iPhone from an Android.

Republican congresswoman Zoe Lofgren posed the question during a grilling of the Google executive by the House judiciary committee.

Mr Pichai replied that Google search results were based on billions of keyword ranked according to more than 200 factors, including relevance and popularity.

For the record, that "idiot" search result page was due to third-parties' "Google bombing" the president. If I go over there and sit with my Democrat friends, does Google track my movement? Privacy, of course, is also a huge issue for Facebook, which has spent almost a year trying to recover from the Cambridge Analytica data mining scandal.

It was also revealed that although Trump does appear within the 17 top images under the Google search "idiot", the first image to appear is actually a Belgian painter's work called "The Idiot", which appears on the Wikipedia page for the word "idiot".

Thomas Lee, well-known bitcoin bull and head of research at Fundstrat Global Advisors, predicted an ending year worth of $25,000 in May of this year. Picahi provided some insight into how Google prioritises search results.

These are the most popular Google searches of 2018
These are the most popular Google searches of 2018

Rep. Lamar Smith (R) from Texas asked Pichai whether Google's algorithms themselves are biased, and whether pro-Trump and anti-immigration content had been deliberately tagged as "hate speech".

"If you want positive search results, do positive things".

According to Google Trends, "idiot" is now the number one most searched for term in the US. However, as Re/Code reported, Mr. Pichai did not use the hearing to deny that Google will make a version of its search tool for China that censors information.

Numerous lawmakers also asserted that Google uses its search engine as a propaganda machine that highlights news and opinions supporting its own view of how the world should be.

He continued: "We provide search today for any time you type in a keyword".

Many conservatives have maintained that they believe that Google tampers with its search engines although Google has shot the theory down. Pichai said in his written testimony that "I lead this company without political bias and work to ensure that our products continue to operate that way". Google is one of the leading AI companies and it utilizes the technology across a range of its projects, ranging from its YouTube subsidiary to its initiatives to respond to natural emergencies.