Amazon's record holiday shows consumers still have appetite for spending

Sunday, 30 Dec, 2018

Shoppers are eagerly adopting Alexa into their homes and Amazon couldn't be happier; the world's largest online retailer is now leading the wave of new smart home technology.

Amazon said it sold "millions more" of its devices this holiday season compared to a year ago. This year, however, a developer appears to be taking advantage of all the new Echo speakers that are flooding the market and has created a fake Alexa setup app to trick people into using it.

The company, while declining to produce any sales numbers, said it had a "record-breaking" holiday season with customers ordering more items from the website than ever before.

If not, no worries - as Amazon is still offering some of its Alexa-range at discounted prices for Boxing Day and beyond.

Marketers will want to note Alexa's peformance this season as a positive arbiter of things to come for voice, as well as the Internet of Things (IoT) this year.

Amazon's record holiday shows consumers still have appetite for spending
Amazon's record holiday shows consumers still have appetite for spending

The customer service account of Amazon around lunchtime tweeted to make people aware of the scenario where some of the Echo devices across Europe had issues in connectivity for over two hours. The voice service also experienced a widespread outage in Europe in September. As a Christmas gift, a lot of people got Alexa or Amazon's Echo Dot 2 wireless speakers.

Amazon has confirmed its Alexa devices, particularly the Echo and Echo Dot lineup, were best-selling devices of the holiday season.

In addition, this holiday season, tens of millions of customers started Prime free trials or started paid memberships. Still, Amazon, which dominates e-commerce in the USA, has relied on the growth of its Prime members, who pay $119 a year for the service.

The top-selling toys were the L.O.L. Surprise! The e-commerce segment led this growth, having seen online sales jumping a massive 19.1 percent from previous year, according to Mastercard's data.

Other popular Alexa skills included turning holiday lights on and off, sending reminders, setting more than 100 million timers, requesting recipes and cooking advice, listening to holiday stories and asking Alexa how many more days/nights/sleeps until Christmas.