Project CARS Studio Developing Its Own Standalone Console

Saturday, 05 Jan, 2019

Ian Bell, the Slightly Mad Studios CEO, announced that his company is now working on its own standalone console which would come out to compete with Xbox and PlayStation. The Mad Box is expected to release sometime within the three year mark, which should put it in direct competition with the next generation of the Microsoft and Sony console line. He also stated that the system will be able to support "most major VR headsets" with specs that will be equal to what a "very fast" PC will be two years from now. And either way, 4K gaming with 120 FPS and VR are things we already have from the Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro.

Overwhelmed with specificity, I find myself fairly confident this Mad Box is not actually going to shake the gaming industry to its core in 2021, or if it ever arrives at all. That said, the official Slightly Mad Studios account did retweet all of Bell's statements, seemingly lending credibility to verify Bell's account as real.

Project Cars never did make it onto a Nintendo console in the end, but some of you may be familiar with the game's creator, Slightly Mad Studios. "The "new" possibly being many of those that benefit from our completely free development engine", Bell said.

Slightly Mad Studios is throwing its hat into the console ring.

While everything as of right now seems nearly too good to be true, Ian Bell also confirmed multiple investors on board the powerful new console endeavor.

"Prices will drop with ship quantity but we're not planning on taking as large a cut as other console owners to enable us to cut prices massively", said Bell. Bell did say that Slightly Mad will be ready to share images of early design builds at some point in the next four to six weeks, so we'll be keeping an eye out for those.

"We think exclusives are "exclusionary, ' but given that we'll be shipping a cross-platform engine to all developers it will be their choice". Further details from Bell mention that it's "the most powerful console ever built," and claims, |It's literally "Mad"... The Mad Box aims to correct that monopoly, putting the gaming experience back into the gamer's hands.