Pixel 3, Galaxy Note 9 top new DxOMark selfie benchmarks

Friday, 25 Jan, 2019

DxOMark has come up with a method to grade front facing camera as well and have found the latest Pixel 3 and Note 9 as the best, with the iPhone XS Max at a distant fourth. Camera quality benchmark scores awarded by DxOMark Image Labs are increasingly being thrown around by smartphone brands at their launch events to boast about their camera capabilities. The test organisation also stated they have devised the entire testing procedure in tune with the way users actually tend to use the front facing cam on their smartphones. However, if you wanted to figure out the performance of the front camera, you had to rely on product reviews.

Credit: Tom's GuideThe camera benchmarking site routinely rates camera performance for leading smartphones, but for the first time, it's now evaluating front cameras separately.

It means the experience and results you get from your smartphone camera may differ to the findings from DxOMark's tests. Here are some more details.

Following a new convention than its mobile photography scoring, the selfie photo scores are built upon a large data collection including objectively collected data using test charts and scenes. The testing firm aims to offer "neutral and reliable test data" about smartphone selfie cameras and their image quality.

The testing of the selfie cameras is done by clicking some 1500 photos and video recordings that run for 2 hours and this is done for each of the phones taken up for testing.

So, which phones have the best selfie cameras?

DxOMark also examined Bokeh, High Dynamic Range and did close-up pictures of dead leaves, which provides a good gauge for noise. Remember that the score is not out of 100 points. The Pixel 3 scored 99 points in the still image test and 83 points in the video test.

DxOMark noted that the Google Pixel 3 has the edge in terms of focus system, but the Note 9 achieves better results for exposure and color. "Images captured with the Google device show slightly stronger contrast and a cooler white balance".