Fortnite Account Merge: Everything You Need to Know

Monday, 11 Feb, 2019

For now at least, accounts suitable for merging must have played on Nintendo Switch or Xbox One and the other on PlayStation 4 before September 28 2018.

Then Epic rode to the rescue again, announcing the Fortnite account merge tool.

Once you've completed the process, it will take two weeks for Epic to transfer your in-game items and Vbucks to your primary account.

There are some caveats and conditions to the Fortnite account merge tool, however, that you'll want to read before you begin. You also can not merge banned or suspended accounts.

Another limitation is your merge tool only works for cosmetic items; except for Save the World mode that enables you to transfer experience points. You'll have to decide which of your accounts you are looking to keep; this is your Primary Account.

Sign in to the primary account. Be aware that you'll need access to the email addresses used for both accounts - and obviously the login credentials, too.

Epic Games released their new system update to make it possible to unify your best skins into one primary account.

This method will allow players to merge either their Xbox One, PS4 and Switch accounts into one, but with some limitations. But think about how many items you have and times that by how many people will use this service and suddenly two weeks seems optimistic. The login of the secondary will then be linked to the primary, and then two weeks later all the V-Bucks and cosmetics will arrive in the primary.

Accounts can not not be banned or disabled.

Fortnite has introduced an option to end the separate accounts and have everything on just one account. Unreal Marketplace items and Creative islands won't be transferred, either. While Epic don't explicitly say it, it can be assumed that if your ban is lifted or your account is reactivated, you'll be able to merge accounts. Simply go to the Epic Games merge website and select a primary account. A holding period to make sure you're not trying anything phishy like stealing somebody else's account, I guess.

Have you merged your Fortnite accounts yet?