Nintendo Set to Release Two New Switch Models

Wednesday, 27 Mar, 2019

We've heard a few times that a new Switch is in the works, but a new report today is claiming that Nintendo is actually plotting two new models for release this year.

Nintendo Switch was the best selling console previous year but it is coming towards the middle of it's lifespan.

The report also pointed out that one of the models will be more affordable than the other version. The outlet's sources did say, however, that the company will cut vibration from the cheaper model to keep costs down.

One of these new Switch models will sport "enhanced" features, and it's designed for "avid" gamers.

Nintendo has not yet announced anything about new Nintendo Switch models.

It's been one of the great gaming successes of Nintendo's storied career, so it should come as no surprise that the house of Mario is allegedly working on new Nintendo Switch consoles. Such offerings aren't without precedent for Nintendo; the 2DS is an intentional "downgrade" of the 3DS, delivering a cheaper and more friendly option aimed at the younger segment of Nintendo's audience. The Wall Street Journal cites both parts suppliers and software developers in their report.

The consoles will allegedly have new designs, rather than being just higher or lower-performance hardware housed in similar-looking cases.

Eurogamer's sources claim that an nearly identical approach is being taken with the cheaper Switch variant, and they hint that it could even lose the ability to dock and connect with TVs. A Nintendo representative declined to comment when approached by WSJ.

"If the article is accurate, this would support our forecast of virtually flat" year-on-year Switch sales next fiscal year, Masahiro Ono and Yui Yasumoto, analysts at Morgan Stanley MUFG, wrote in a research note after the story. This might seem like an odd move, but then so was stripping 3D from the 3DS - and Nintendo did that.