Valve teases its own Valve Index VR headset

Tuesday, 02 Apr, 2019

The Valve Index has been rumored for a while, but we only got confirmation that Valve will be shipping its own VR headset last week. The only things on the teaser site is an image of the headset and a tagline that reads "Upgrade your experience".

Presumably the headset will focus on Steam, but Valve should leave the ability to connect to the platform's "Valve VR" concept with the Oculus Rift and existing HTC Vive hardware. That is, in conjunction with the Half-Life news, more than a little to look forward to!

As for the packaged goods, the headset includes integrated headphones, two face pads (narrow and wide), a cleaning cloth, a power adapter, and tether for DisplayPort and USB connections. There's no mention of the three Valve-produced VR titles cofounder Gabe Newell has been advertising since 2017. The company previously worked with HTC for the development of the latter's Vive VR headset and integrated it into the Steam ecosystem. While very little specific details of it have been revealed, there is an interesting side note that they made which will be of huge interest to many. And Valve also developed an unreleased set of VR controllers called SteamVR Knuckles.

As per a report by Kotaku, Valve has been working on their own VR headset for a while now.

Ars took the time to increase the brightness on the Valve Index image to reveal six dots on the surface of the headset.