Android Auto gets major redesign with new features

Wednesday, 08 May, 2019

With Android Q, we'll update important OS components in the background, similar to the way we update apps. Other examples of the newfound screen use include taking phone calls on the same screen and rewinding music all in one place.

Android Q is also ready for the next wireless innovations, such as 5G and folding displays. But at I/O 2019, Google shed light on some more exciting features coming to Android Q when it officially goes live sometime this fall. Videos, podcasts, audio messages. No internet connection required, no data ever leaves your phone.

With most of the app navigation abilities removed from the system bar, Android Auto is switching to a tried-and-true app grid for app navigation. In a new notification center, drivers will get centralized information about all of their communications, including recent calls, messages and alerts. This also works with no info ever leaving the phone.

Google has confirmed that the back button is going away with Android Q. You'll now have to use a swipe gesture from either side of the screen to go back within an app. Getting to the right music or navigation app would require a series of taps through dropdown menus, which drivers really don't have all the time nor attention to do on the road. Location is also at the forefront in Settings.

"Finally, we're introducing a way for you to get the latest security and privacy updates, faster". Dieter Bohn visited Google for an exclusive first look at these new features and Google's new way to deliver critical security updates, Project Mainline.

As expected, Android Q will also be featuring an updated gesture-based navigation experience.

If you're a developer, you'll want to look at the development details here. You'll first select apps that you find distracting and then they'll be disabled once you activate Focus Mode - until you deactivate it, of course. Assistant driving mode can be set to launch on your Android phone automatically when it's connected to your car's Bluetooth or you say, "Hey Google, let's drive".

Android Auto is increasingly available across different makes and models are vehicle.