Rumored Galaxy A90 to launch under the Galaxy R series

Monday, 24 Jun, 2019

But with the new Galaxy Note 10, Samsung is apparently adding a new stage in-between: f/1.8. Although there hasn't been a ton of leaks about the device so far, some new information has started to show up.

Popular leakster OnLeaks has claimed on Twitter that there is no Galaxy A90 in Samsung's portfolio.

It also didn't help the brand and confidence of consumers when iFixit, the US-based mobile fix company, posted its teardown of the Galaxy Fold, revealing all of the problems, as well as the crease that was visible in the middle of the display.

The news seems quite exciting after Samsung recalled review units of Galaxy Fold devices a couple of months back.

In case you're not willing to activate the phone the day of your purchase, B&H has a deal for you as well, as it's offering a $100 on-click coupon on all models in addition to Samsung's price drop. He goes on to say that the company has two R-series models already in the pipeline and both the devices have a huge display and triple cameras.

- At least one of them comes with 5G support and the other with a very unique camera feature.

Its time for us to just keep our fingers crossed and wait for the official release of Huawei Mate X and Samsung Galaxy Fold to make way for the Flexible smartphones to take over. We even got the confirmation that there is indeed a phone with the model number (SM-A90X) that's in the works. 5G is still in its infancy but bringing it to lower price point could propel it's adoption.

Right now, only a few Samsung handsets enjoy the benefits of 25 W fast charging.