Destiny 2: Shadowkeep PS4 Launch Hit with Capacity Issues and Disconnects

Четверг, 03 Окт, 2019

Original story: Destiny 2: Shadowkeep went live on PlayStation 4 a few hours ago, but its launch hasn't exactly been the smoothest.

Here's what to expect and when.

Bungie has taken the Destiny 1 and 2 servers offline until tomorrow's release of Destiny 2: Shadowkeep.The scheduled maintenance, which began Monday at 9: 45 a.m. PT, was announced by Bungie on Twitter.

Destiny 2 is having a big day. This follows the 24 hour downtime that the games underwent in the run up to Shadowkeep. For its part, Bungie's official help account simply says "we are investigating Destiny 1 and Destiny 2 players encountering sign-on errors".

Bungie advises that players may experience sign-in issues when the update becomes available, as the developers may still be conducting background maintenance. As a result, Bungie is asking players to be patient. "We're finally going to make the Destiny 2 we've always wanted to make-one world that you and your friends are going to meaningfully change and make memories in", a message from Bungie reveals. New Light means there's no barrier to starting the game, it should be easy enough to get a bunch of people to install the game and get stuck into that juicy sci-fi co-op.

"October 1st is the first step toward what we want Destiny 2 to become". Bungie doesn't foresee any major issues, but will keep players updated if they come about. Well, the series has built up so much lore that you'll need a lunch break - or three - to catch up on it all. You are Destiny's stars. I don't know if that counts as a review bomb, but I don't think anyone's thoughts about Shadowkeep or New Light are fully formed just yet.