Apple CEO Tim Cook Throws Shade At Facebook's Libra Cryptocurrency

Воскресенье, 06 Окт, 2019

In it, Cook takes aim at Trump's plans to repeal Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).

Apple CEO Tim Cook has confirmed that an global version of Apple Card is in the works.

"Infusions of talent like the Dreamers from around the globe sustain and help drive Apple's ability to thrive", it added. "They are among our most driven and selfless colleagues". All of us lovers of democracy and freedom must think that separating the false from the true is the basis of freedom.

Apple may not buy into the idea of developing its cryptocurrency, but the tech giant's payment service, Apple Pay, is now being used by NEO Smart Economy to pay for goods using the NEO cryptocurrency.

Apple said it employs 443 Dreamers in 36 states, coming from 25 countries.

He noted that Apple wouldn't exist without immigration and even pointed out that co-founder Steve Jobs was the son of an immigrant.

When asked about Apple facing legal issues for trying to establish a monopoly in the iOS app market, he replied as follows: "No reasonable person would ever call Apple a monopolist".

On Friday, we got somewhat of an answer, from Apple anyway.

President Trump has tried to terminate the program, but court challenges have kept the nearly 800,000 young people protected by the program, known as Dreamers, from being deported.

A decision from the Supreme Court is expected in early 2020 just as the presidential campaign will kick into high gear. That number is up from the 250 Apple announced in 2017.

While Apple has filed such briefs before, this is the first time Cook (and O'Brien) have filed a brief with their personal names attached, a huge difference.

The senior Apple official highlighted that his company always tries to "keep the price of their offerings as low as possible". But Cook seems to have put that notion to rest. The tech giant is rolling out a new Apple Card which Cook says he wants to offer "everywhere".

You can read the brief in its entirety here.